Interaction Painting

“Interaction Painting“ is a method documenting the decisions and reactions of two artists working collaboratively. Every step of creation causes its consequences and becomes part of a dynamic logic. This logic is forming the painting and furthermore evolving durching the process of creation. Michael Sebastian Haas and Christian Kera Hinz painted „Layers of Logic I“ in September 2016 as comissioned wallsize artwork for private offices. The first interaction paintings are sensitive plays between possibilities and decisions in artistic creation. The process has several stages. First lines are applied with a specific drawing machine. When lines cross, they are proposing fields which can stay merely possibilities or become realised as fields of color. The definite color, position and proportion of these fields are telling the visual code which they follow. In fact these lines and fields make the painting a readable structure.

Berlin , 2016

Layers of Logic I, size: 170 x 270 cm
Layers of Logic II, size: 180x 280 cm
acrylic and laquer on fiberboard
private collector

Categories: Commissioned Work and Work