Bergheider See is a flooded surfacemine in Lausitz, Germany. The landscape is open to the horizon. For the lake is several meters under groundlevel the perception of space is horizontaly extended. At the lake´s edge this vastness seems within reach. A constant wind is blowing over lake and landscape.

`Presence` is a textile installation for the shore´s edge of Bergheider See. Several sails are spanned between the masts of streetlamps. For more than onehundered meters there is a white ribbon touching the horizon with it´s lower edge. The wind is lifting the sails and opens the view. Wind and sails are shaping and modulating the panorama. They focus the view in a kind of window to the landscape. The sails give body to the wind. They form a second horizon, a floating landscape between sky and earth. The vastness is present. The wind is blowing, the cloth is flapping and people say: “ This is calming me“.

Bergheider See, Germany , 2016

size: three sails, each 4 x 36 meters material: cotton-textile and belts

Categories: Commissioned Work, Festival, and Work

Sonice_Presence_Installation_Beach5sy Sonice_Presence_Installation_4t Sonice_Presence_Installation_7_2 Sonice_Presence_Installation_9sq2 Sonice_Presence_Full_Installation_1 Sonice_Presence_Sketch_3 Sonice_Presence_Horizon_1 Sonice_Presence_Preparing_4 Sonice_Presence_Preparing_2 Sonice_Presence_Preparing_3_sq Sonice_Presence_Preparing_1_sq