Michael Sebastian Haas

Michael is a conceptual artist who is applying technologies and multiple techniques to create kinetic installations. By combining painting, robotics, light, architecture and textile he forms the logic and life of these “evolving systems“.




“Watching this, is like watching the birds in my garden.“ comment of a visitor on “Trial Record“ 2012


“It´s like Sol Lewitt on steroids.“ comment of Rodrigo Caula on “Emerging Colorspace“ 2013


“It does not matter if we classify this as art or design or whatelse – people want it.“
panel discussion at Fiber Festival Amsterdam on“Emerging Colorspace“ 2015


“We see the Prometheus- effect“ comment of Rüdiger Kruse on “Burning Lights” 2017


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Michael Sebastian Haas


Studio: +49 (0) 30 48814483
contact at sonicedevelopment.com


Sonice Development GmbH
Glogauer Str. 21, Remise
10999 Berlin



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