Primo Campo

“Primo Campo“ became central element to the “Burning Light“ Series. It is a first conclusion to the quest for light and insight into darkness.


The Following description has been written on March 30th, 2018 as an expectation and outlook on the unmade picture “Primo Campo“. The canvas and lightbox were realized then two weeks later from April 15th to 25th, 2018.


“The picture shows a void, which is completely filling it. One field calibrates the eye, then blocks the eye. This field of plenty gives all possibilities, all managable taks. It´s asking you to be, to choose, to act. It keeps the moment of its creation, setting proportion to its environement. It is loud in presence and calm in its impact. Foam-arisen naked standing, it allows no doubt: I am. This figure is clearly the beauty of potential. In its face we see freedom of choice, the chance of future and delight to make it grow.“

Berlin , 2018

polymere textile, emulsion paint, laser, fluoroscent lights, aluminium

Categories: Allgemein