Light Work

This series is a study about the characteristics of light. It investigates on movement, quality and perception of light. In an act of meditation the paper is die cut with a hammer. Hit by hit a logic–of–balance is inscribed into the paper. This act of materializing logic manually is center of the series. Based on one element occurring in four directions the paper can catch light or cast shadow and thus becomes a `Body of Light´. A picture which can be best experienced when moving around it or observing it over the course of the day. For one light part in the morning will be a dark one in the evening and vice versa. Here displayed is the part of the series called `Light Work´ (88 x 123 cm). All artworks can be reversed and turned to adapt to the light conditions they are presented in.

Berlin , 2021

tecnique: hammercut material: stella hahnenmühle 250g

Categories: Work