Inscribing Circles

On September 6th 2014 we celebrated the Museumsnacht in St. Gallen with the premier of our performance “Inscribing Circles“. A robot tried to inscribe the biggest circle possible into the given field. For eight hours it was drawing it’s routes onto a wall constructed for the arcades of Macelleria d’Arte at “Roter Platz” in St. Gallen. The wall was dismantled to its eight triangular elements after the performance. These triangles are documenting the performance. They are fragments of the circle quest.

St. Gallen , 2014

Machine: Vertwalker

Categories: Exhibition and Work

Sonice_InscribCircles_Aufbau_2 Sonice_InscribCircles_Aufbau_3 Sonice_InscribCircles_Aufbau_5 Sonice_InscribCircles_Aufbau_6 Sonice_InscribCircles_Perform_3 Sonice_InscribCircles_Perform_4 Sonice_InscribCircles_Perform_5 Sonice_InscribCircles_Perform_6a Sonice_InscribCircles_StGallen_7_det Sonice_InscribCircles_Perform_8 Sonice_InscribCircles_Perform_12 Sonice_InscribCircles_Perform_15a Sonice_InscribCircles_StGallen_3 Sonice_InscribCircles_StGallen_1a Sonice_InscribCircles_StGallen_2c Sonice_InscribCircles_StGallen_9_det Sonice_InscribCircles_StGallen_10_det